Cature Green Tea Tofu Pellet Cat Litter

Cature Green Tea Tofu Pellet Cat Litter

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Odour Control
Locks the odour

Tight clumps can firmly lock the excrement, bacteria and odour. It brings fresh air to your cat and family.


Natural Raw Materials
No harmful ingredients, no worries

Cature is made of safe raw materials, no formaldehyde, no artificial colouring and no industrial binders. It is made without harmful ingredients - for your cat's safety, and yours.


100% Biodegradable
Yes, you can flush it

Cature is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Waste clumps can be disposed of safely in the toilet.


Use Less, Get More

Cature Tofu Cat Litter can absorb 400% of its weight, which leads to a reduction in consumption.


99.95% Dust Free

Rigorous quality control, addition of 3 dust removal procedures and high strength vacuum packages all make sure cat litter has no dust in each procedure. It's safe for allergic cats, and cares for respiratory and urinary system.


Quick Clumping

Liquids are trapped and absorbed quickly before they can reach the bottom of the litter. Clumps can be removed and disposed of easily in the toilet, leaving a fresh layer for next time.


Naturally Lightweight

Cature is easy to carry and store because it is naturally light - just a fraction of the weight of clay litters.