Advance Dog Adult All Breed Sensitive Skin Salmon

Advance Dog Adult All Breed Sensitive Skin Salmon

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Advance™ Adult Sensitive Skin All Breed Dry Dog Food - Salmon 13kg is a super premium food for dogs with select natural ingredients.  Contains high quality fish ingredients plus increased increased levels of natural Omega 3 fatty acids and a synergistic vitamin cocktail, this product is beneficial in the management of skin sensitivity.  Supports dental health through mechanical abrasion to help reduce plaque and tartar accumulation.  Also contains nutrients to support immune health, digestive health and a healthy urinary tract, Advance is scientifically formulated to help improve dog health.


Dispensing Guide

When feeding both Advance™ Dry and Wet food, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product and let your pet enjoy the advantages of both formats.
Daily Feeding Guide: Weight of Dog: Inactive Dog Active Dog: cups/day cups/day:
10kg 1, 1⅓
15kg 1⅔, 1¾
20kg 2, 2¼
25kg 2⅓, 2⅔
30kg 2⅔, 3
35kg 3, 3½
1 standard metric cup (250 ml) = 115 grams


Salmon Meal, Rice, Rice Flour, Maize Gluten, Sorghum, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavour (Chicken), Dried Beet Pulp, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Minerals, Inulin, Histidine, Choline, Methionine, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Niacin, Pantothetic Acid.