Aquasonic Goldfish Water Conditioner - discontinued

Aquasonic Goldfish Water Conditioner - discontinued

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Aquasonics Goldfish Water Conditioner contains a mixture of 9 different salts, which provides natural minerals, trace elements, fungal and bacterial inhibitors for all goldfish and koi tanks and ponds. Goldfish Water Conditioner helps bring out natural vibrancy and colouration of fish and improves the health and well being of the fish. Will raise the hardness by ~120ppm and salinity by ~225ppm, when used at the recommended dose rate. For best results add Goldfish Water Conditioner when starting up an aquarium or pond, or after a water change is performed. Dose Rate: Add one level tea spoon (~5gm) per 10 litres of water. (500gm will treat 1000L of water).