Guppy - Female Assorted

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Guppy - Female Assorted

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The Guppy is one of the most well-known and popular aquarium fish for both beginners and seasoned aquarists alike.

Breeds very easily, best kept with similar sized fish in a planted community tank. Do not keep with fin-nippers such as Tiger Barbs. Suitable for nano tanks. The Female Guppy may not be as colourful as the Males. But getting some females with your males will always be rewarding.

Note: Pictures examples of stock only. Assorted colours supplied.

Features of Female Guppy:

  • Female guppies can grow up to 4-5cm.
  • Female guppy’s body is usually pale grey or silver, and a lot rounder and bigger than a male’s.
  • Guppy will reach full-size maturity in about six months.

The Best Aquarium Size for Guppies:

Being small fish, guppies don’t need enormous amounts of room. You should provide at least 4L space for one fish. It is recommended to keep at least a trio (three) together. Because if you keep your guppy alone, they will feel lonely. So, the recommended tank size is at least 20L tank for three guppies. But if you wish to add more guppies or plants, decorations in your aquarium, you need to think about a bigger tank for your fishes.

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The Best Mix of Guppy Males and Females:

  • Guppies should be kept in trios : 2-3 females to each male.
  • You can also setup a males-only or females-only guppy tank. 

    Feeding :

    Guppies accept a high variety of food.  However, they should be given a diet with high vegetable content, so good mixture of foods is ideal. You can give them vegie flakes, spirulina tabs, frozen food and live food.

    Feeding them once a day is enough.You can also feed them multiple times, but avoid giving them too much food. 

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    Guppy Female Assorted Tank Guide: 

    Heater :

    The temperature of your guppy’s tank should match that of its native, natural habitat: South American and Amazonian waters. Ideal water temperatures sit between at a stable number between 22⁰C – 28⁰C.

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    Light : 

    You can choose to use lighting in your aquarium if that’s what you prefer.  Your fish will have adequate lighting, if the room your aquarium in has a window. Otherwise, you can easily replicate natural conditions with artificial lighting (12 hours of light every 24 hours.)

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    Substrate :  

    Plants for Guppies:

    It’s suitable to use many different kinds of plants for guppies and decorations.
    • Java moss: a low-light plant that doesn’t require too much care, java moss grows easily and constantly once it attaches itself to the substrate;
    • Amazon sword plant: its wide and long leaves are great if you want to hide aquarium equipment, plus it offers cover for fry or expectant guppies;
    • Rotala Rotundifolia: If you want something more special, this plant has interesting leaves that can become reddish if the plant receives enough light; a compact and bushy plant that’s relatively undemanding;
    • Cryptocoryne Wendtii: a slow-growing plant that doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance.

    Decorations for Guppies:

    Artificial plants can work well. Additionally, you can also choose to use Aquarium Ornaments such as: Kazoo handmade fish decorations, tube and artificial caves.