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Snail - Red Ramshorn

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The Red Ramshorn Snail is a great scavenger in freshwater aquariums. Suited for cold water and warm water aquariums. Red Ramshorn snails feed on algae, excess food, and organic waste in the aquarium making it an excellent member of the clean up crew. It is an extremely peaceful freshwater snail that can reach 2cm in diameter. 

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Please note: avoid the use of copper based treatments if invertebrates/snails are present in the tank.

Features of Red Ramshorn Snail's:

  • Red spiral shell & red body
  • Grows up to 2cm
  • Suitable for nano aquarium
  • Tolerates cold water & warm water aquariums
  • Breeds easily in the aquarium
  • The average lifespan is approximately 1 year

Red Ramshorn Snail : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Red Ramshorn Snail's:

Red Ramshorn Snail's do well in almost all size aquariums from 10L+. 

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Red Ramshorn Snail Tank Mate Compatibility:

Red Ramshorn are peaceful and non-aggressive invertebrates. They are slow moving and lack ability to defend themselves other than retracting into their shell. Only keep with peaceful small species of aquarium fish that are not known to nip.

Here are some great tank mates for your Red Ramshorn snail:

Red Ramshorn Snail Food :

Red Ramshorn Snail's are not picky eaters. In addition to scavenging for food such as excess fish food, algae and organic material, the will feed on algae wafers and vegetables.  

Red Ramshorn Tank Set-up

Aquatic Plants:

Red Ramshorn will consume aquatic plants when they are not well-fed or if the leaves of the plants are soft or decaying.

Consider use of aquatic plants with firmer leaves such as:

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Aquarium Lighting:

Red Ramshorn don't require any specific lights however they do appreciate area's of shade which can be created with use of ornaments, live or fake plants.

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Aquarium Filter:

Red Ramshorn enjoy some organic waste in the aquarium. Avoid strong and direct water flow. Select an aquarium filter suited for your aquarium size. Some options include sponge filters, hang on filters and canister filters.

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Aquarium Heater:

Red Ramshorn enjoy temperatures between 16 - 25 degrees Celsius. Always use a fish tank thermometer to monitor temperature. 

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Aquarium Decorations:

Red Ramshorn snails enjoy climbing in, around, on and under all types of aquarium ornaments. Driftwood in particular produces a natural organic bio-film that mystery snails love to eat. In addition to driftwood, use natural rock, ornaments, caves and silk plants.

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Aquarium Substrate:

Aquarium Sand, gravels of all grades, and pebbles are all suitable for Red Ramshorn snails. They will appreciate scavenging for food between the substrate.

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