Aqua One Veggie Clip With Suction Cup

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Aqua One Veggie Clip With Suction Cup

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Aqua One Veggie Clip makes feeding fish easy. Provide your fish with an easy way to graze on a variety of fresh food for a varied diet.

Suitable for fresh and saltwater


  • Strong grip firmly holds evenly sliced fresh foods in place
  • Perfect to ensure grazers have access to their food all day longer
  • Suction cup allows the clip to be secured in any position you choose
  • Cleaning made easy as product detaches from suction cup
  • Made with aquarium safe materials stops the risk of unwanted toxins in your water
  • Keeps veggies in place, minimising waste and maximising efficiency when cleaning
  • Multiple clips can be added to allow fussy tank mates to all have their favourites