Aquasonic Tropical Water Conditioner - Discontinued Product


Aquasonic Tropical Water Conditioner - Discontinued Product

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Aquasonics Tropical Water Conditioner contains a mixture of 9 different salts, which provides natural minerals, trace elements, fungal and bacterial inhibitors and is suited for a wide range of tropical fish species. Tropical Water Conditioner will help bring out natural vibrancy and colouration of fish as well as helping to improve their health by giving them optimal water conditions. Tropical Water Conditioner will raise hardness by ~80ppm and salinity by ~130ppm, when used at the recommended dose rate. For best results add Tropical Water Conditioner when starting up an aquarium, or after a water change is performed. Dose Rate: Add one level teaspoon (~5gm) per 15 litres of aquarium water. Note: Tropical Water Conditioner contains a dye which may stain the water a natural blue colour. This is normal and will dissipate after a few days.


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