Aveva Bristle Brush

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Aveva Bristle Brush

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The Bristle Brush is designed to remove surface dirt and brush down to the skin on short coats. It also can be used for the face and short coat areas of our longer coated dogs.

Brush against the coat growth to loosen dead hair and skin, then in the direction of the growth to remove the debris and polish the coat.


Brush suit for:

Wire Hair:

Hard, thick and wiry top hair with short, soft and thick undercoat, has to be trimmed regularly.

Short Hair:

Short up to medium-long, smooth, shiny top hair and fine, soft, thick up to very thick undercoat.

Smooth Hair:

Short, smooth, shiny top hair without undercoat.



  • For a healthy and shiny coat
  • Soft comfort grip handle for great control
  • Removes dead hair and debris