Aveva Pro Slicker Brush With Hard Pins


Aveva Pro Slicker Brush With Hard Pins

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Sticker brush is a gentle and very effective multi-purpose grooming tool for de-matting and removing unwanted loose hairs. It separates and lifts the hair away from the body. It gives the skin a chance to brathe, while giving the coat a fuller appearance.

Regular brushing distributes natural oils, and removes loose hair and dirt whilst promoting a healthy, shiny coat.


Suit for:

Wire Hair, Short Hair, Long Hair, Curly Hair


Recommended Grooming Methods:

Always brush gently in the direction of the coat to remove any snarls. Brush from the skin out to separate the coat, and then slightly against the grain of the coat, holding the unbrushed hair back as you brush. This will help remove the dead hair. Finish the body by lightly brushing in the direction of the growth. Brush at least twice a week.