Bioline Catnip Bubbles


Bioline Catnip Bubbles

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Catnip Bubbles can stimulate playful behaviour and cause exhilaration and euphoria for most cats due to the particular scent of plant extracts it contains. Depending on cat's character, it can also encourage cats to calm down and desire for cuddle. 


Size:17.7 ml

Safe: the non-toxic material is harmless for pets and provide a safer and healthier way for you and your pets to play.

Attractive: the smell of catnip is cat's favorite, and the toy can arouse the curisoity of cats at the first time.

Interactive: the toy need you to play with your cats, which can promote the interactivity between you and your cats ant get your relationship more closer.

Exercise: the process of playing game is also the process of exercise, and your cat will run or jump to have a strong body.

Furniture Protector: the cats will cost more time and energy on the toys so that your furniture can get away from scratching and destroying by your cats.