Catmate C20 Auto Feeder

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Catmate C20 Auto Feeder

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The Cat Mate C20 Auto Feeder 2 Times a Day is an automatic pet feeder that will ensure your cat has access to regular meals while you’re away from home. This automatic timer tray contains two spacious compartments to store your cat’s food. It can be easily set to your pet’s routine feeding schedule by securely locking in place and adjusting the timer to reopen at your specified time, and includes storage space for the supplied ice pack to help keep your pet’s food fresh and appetising all day long. The key features of the Cat Mate C20 Auto Feeder 2 Times a Day are:
  • Automatic cat feeder tray with double compartments and dual timers.
  • Simply fill bowls with food, close lid, set timer and go!
  • Two compartments hold up to 450 grams of food each.
  • Separate timers for each bowl allowing you to stagger feeding times throughout the day.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly bowls.
  • Includes ice pack which can be placed below food areas to help keep food fresh and cool.
  • Can be set up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Required 1 x AA batteries.