Cature Carbon Pellet Cat Litter


Cature Carbon Pellet Cat Litter

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Super Odour Control 

Do you suffer a lot with the odour of pee and poop from your beloved cats? After all, they are the ones that are indulged with high-protein diet or all-meat cat foods. This litter product with additional high-density activated carbon perfectly gets you out of the concerns


Super Economical
Absorbs 7 times its weight

Capillaries inside the micro-fine fibrils ensure that liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the natural organic fibres.


Natural Odour Control
Keeps pet odour in check for 7 days

Our natural, clumping wood litter is unrivalled in absorption and odour control. It's a breath of fresh air for your home!


100% Biodegradable
Yes, you can flush it

What comes from the earth can be returned to the earth. Cature is committed to sustainable sourcing, using 100% reclaimed wood to create a natural cat litter that is biodegradable, free of pollutants, and all-around better for your household.


No Airborne Dust

Those with allergies will breathe easier. There is minimal residue for cats to track through your home.


Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Years of research, and a proprietary manufacturing process, have enabled Cature to harness the power of a natural-fibre capillary system to absorb moisture, trap odour, and curb bacterial growth. That means a cleaner, healthier home.


No Chemicals, No Toxins, No Worries

Made without harmful ingredients - for your cat's safety, and yours.


Quick Clumping

Liquids are trapped and absorbed quickly before they can reach the bottom of the litter. Clumps may be removed and disposed of easily, leaving a fresh layer for next time.


Naturally Lightweight

Cature is easy to carry and store because it is naturally light - just a fraction of the weight of clay litters.