Royal Canin CCN Maxi Joint Care 10kg

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Royal Canin CCN Maxi Joint Care 10kg

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Maxi Joint Care is specifically formulated to ease movement and maintain an ideal bodyweight in dogs with joint sensitivities.

Have you noticed that your large breed dog is less active, reluctant to climb stairs or stiff when rising from rest? It could be early signs of joint sensitivity, which affects up to 45% of large breed dogs.

This premium quality dry dog food contains a specific and scientifically proven combination of green tea polyphenols, micronutrients found within green tea with antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, alongside hydrolysed collagen and chondroitin, nutritional building blocks for healthy joint cartilage. Together this unique cocktail helps to address early signs of joint sensitivity and support joint health. In addition, as joint discomfort often results in lower activity levels, Royal Canin Maxi Adult Joint Care is formulated with moderate energy levels to help safeguard against weight gain, which can further exacerbate joint sensitivities.

  • Premium quality dry food for large breed dogs with joint sensitivities
  • Fortified with scientifically proven ingredients to ease movement and support joint health
  • Formulated with a moderate energy level to aid maintainence of a healthy body weight
  • Suitable for adult dogs 25kg and over with signs of joint sensitivities