Chuckit! SPORT LAUNCHER Medium


Chuckit! SPORT LAUNCHER Medium

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Sometimes it feels like your pup just wants to play and play and play...and you begin to wonder if theyre even tired at all. After all, your arm is tired from throwing a ball again and, what gives?

Why not try an ingenious ball launcher from Chuckit? This clever invention allows you to chuck your dogs favourite ball further than ever before, turning a simple game of fetch into a real workout. Its comfortable grip and integrated claw allow you to pick up your dogs ball without needing to bend down or touch any slobber. Fetch will never be the same again!

  • Allows you to launch your dogs ball further than ever before, working your dog out without tiring your arm out
  • Integrated claw holds the ball in the launcher until you throw
  • Claw also helps you to pick ball up from the ground without needing to bend down and touch the ball
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Assorted colours available
  • Large launcher is suitable for large, giant, or highly energetic dog breeds


Size Guide

*Sizes are based on how far they throw the ball and the size of the ball, for example 18M means 18 metres and contains a Medium sized ball

The actual length of each thrower is as such

12M - 30cm

18M - 46cm

25M - 64cm

26M - 69cm