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The Fantail is a popular double-tailed Goldfish as it is very hardy and easy to care for. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Fantails are usually orange-red, but have also been bred in a range of other colours including calico (multi-coloured), red and white, white. Coburg Aquarium's Live Fish and Aquarium Products shipped Australia Wide.

Features of Fantail Goldfish:

  • Fantail Goldfish has egg-shaped body
  • The caudal fin splits into four lobes and looks like a flowing fan
  • The scales of the Fantail goldfish can be metallic or nacreous


The Best Aquarium Size for Fantail Goldfish:

Fantail goldfish can get reasonably large. We recommend providing a tank size of 75L for a mature Fantail. Tank size can vary greatly depending on how big or small the goldfish is and how many you plan to stock in the tank.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Fantail Goldfish are very peaceful community dwellers. They are schooling fish, it’s best to keep them in group. Fantail Goldfish can become the target of bullies very quickly.

Great tank mates for Fantail Goldfish include:

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Fantail Goldfih Feeding :

Packed food like Hikari fancy goldfish pellets, Vitalis Goldfish Pellets, Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish Flakes can give Fantail Goldfish the variety omnivorous fish need. Live insects that sink to the bottom are also good, as are live or frozen goldfish food,brine shrimp and Daphnia, or common water fleas. In Coburg Aquarium online, we stock a variety high quality godfish food for your choice.

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Fantail Goldfish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Fantail Goldfish produce a lot of waste. A strong filtration system is absolutely necessary. Make sure the filter matches with your tank size.

Here are some great ones to consider:

Plants for Fantail Goldfish

Plants are beneficial in helping to maintain good water quality and adding enrichment to a fish’s diet. Goldfish will eat several types of plants. If you do get plants, Annubus varieties are the best.

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Decorations for Fantail Goldfish

Decorations for Fantail Goldfish

Ideal Ornaments for your Goldfish tank:

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Artificial lighting is optional. Fantail Goldfish does not require any special lighting. However, a small light for the lid can help you see them better, especially during feeding time.


Sand is the recommended substrate for Fantail Goldfish.

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