Field Day Behaviour & Wellbeing 250G

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Field Day Behaviour & Wellbeing 250G

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Many dogs struggle with anxiety, and senior dogs can experience cognitive dysfunction, so we decided to make something to help calm the nerves of the unknown.
Cool, Calm & Collected has been formulated with nutritious wholefood ingredients blended together to support brain health and memory, while also decreasing stress and anxiety.
This supplement is a great addition to the diet of any dog who has issues with anxiety and behaviour or needs to optimise their brain function.
Key benefits:
  • Hemp protein powder is a rich source of tryptophan and vitamin E, which can both improve signs of anxiety
  • DHA from salmon powder is vital for brain health, and it may help to reduce stress and improve the learning ability and memory in both young and older dogs
  • Apple powder provides quercetin, which has been shown to improve memory and learning
  • While the compound hypericin found in St John’s Wort may also help to reduce signs of anxiety
  • (Note: If your dog is currently taking other medication for their anxiety, please consult your vet before using this topper)