Hay Pigs Junior Food Taming Bowl

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Hay Pigs Junior Food Taming Bowl

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We are delighted to release another new addition to our circus themed product range; the HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ - Mini Food Bowl. After the success of our larger food bowl, the HayPigs!® Food Craving Tamer™, we have decided to make a miniature version, ideal for portion controlling pellet food for guinea pigs and also the perfect size for smaller furries like hamsters, gerbils and pet hedgehogs to join in the fun!

As champions of guinea pig welfare and wellbeing, we have been working exceptionally hard to support and educate piggy parents. It is now widely accepted that pellet food (also known as nuggets or kibble) should only really account for around 5% of a guinea pigs’ diet. While pellets do provide some useful nutrients and important vitamin ‘C’, they should be used to supplement a core diet of high-quality feeding grass hay (80-90%), fresh water and small amounts of fresh vegetables (about a cup a day). Over-feeding of pellets can result in health problems, not least by discouraging guinea pigs to seek a balanced diet.

Our new Junior Food Tamer™ bowl has a capacity of a ¼ of a cup. Most vets recommend a portion size of around 1⁄8 of a cup per adult guinea pig, per day, so the bowl is perfect for two piggies to share. Portion controlling is made easy, by simply filling the bowl to the top for a ready-made measure. The bowl is also tip-proof and stackable too, reducing waste and making it very practical to use.