Huds and Toke - Halloween Cookie Gift Box 4pc

Huds and Toke

Huds and Toke - Halloween Cookie Gift Box 4pc

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These deliciously spooky beautifully hand decorated cookies are designed with a bit of FUN in mind......... With a Purple Monster, Spider Web, Ghooley Ghost and a Pumpkin style set of Little Doggy Donuts. Designed to get your dog to do a trick to get a treat.....

Designed specifically for dogs.  Best suited to all sized dogs.  They are a crunchy gourmet pet treat made with a base of Nutty Peanut Butter and other delicious ingredients and then decorated in a funky fun way to suit a spooky HALLOWEEN, or just for fun or a photo shoot!!

Trick or Treating has taken on a new meaning now!!!!

Your puppies will love them.

This is a hard baked cookie base and hard frosting designed specifically for dog jaws and chewing habits – ideal for added dental benefits. This helps with increasing the chew time for the dogs enrichment and the dogs parents enjoyment time. The minute the dog starts to devour the cookie the cookie starts to soften, no cutting required – they are designed to last longer than the usual cookie.

You can break them up if you need the pieces to be smaller.