INABA Cat Juicy Bites Tuna & Chicken


INABA Cat Juicy Bites Tuna & Chicken

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INABA Juicy Bites Tuna And Chicken Cat Treats Are Made With Real Meat And Packed With Nutrients

These juicy treats are delectable, moist morsels, seasoned with natural flavours for extra goodness!

  • Made with pure farm-raised chicken, wild tuna, vitamin E, and green tea extract
  • Grain free – great for sensitive cats
  • Contains no artificial preservatives 
  • Low in fat – fantastic for snacking!
  • The delicious chicken and tuna flavours will appeal to all cats
  • Soft, juicy texture with over 70% moisture in every treat
  • Small, bite-sized shapes – easy for all cats to consume
  • Each pack has a mixture of both flavours to keep treat time exciting
  • Dolphin safe
  • Contains 3 x 11.3g individual bags in each pack