Aquasonic Iron Test Kit


Aquasonic Iron Test Kit

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Aquasonic Iron Test Kit: Monitor Iron Levels in Fresh & Saltwater Environments

Ensure optimal iron levels in aquaponic and hydroponic systems with the Aquasonic Iron Test Kit. This easy-to-use, accurate testing solution is suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments, allowing you to maintain optimal iron levels for healthy, lush plant growth while also monitoring potential toxic concentrations.

Features and Benefits

  • Essential for plant health: Iron is a vital micronutrient required for vigorous plant growth and green leaves.
  • Accurate testing: Suitable for fresh and saltwater environments, this kit ensures precise iron level monitoring in aquaponic and hydroponic systems.
  • Chelated vs. non-chelated iron: The Iron Test Kit can help distinguish between chelated iron which is beneficial to plants, and non-chelated iron that may be toxic to fish if present in high concentrations.
  • Optimal Iron ranges: Achieve recommended iron levels of 0.5-1ppm for aquaponics and 2-3ppm for hydroponics.
  • Prevent deficiencies: Maintain healthy and lush plant growth by monitoring and balancing iron levels in your system.

How to Use

  1. Collect a water sample from your aquaponic or hydroponic system.
  2. Follow the mixing instructions and measurements provided in the Iron Test Kit.
  3. Add the required reagents to the water sample according to the package instructions.
  4. Compare the colour produced to the colour chart included in the kit to determine current iron levels.
  5. Adjust iron levels as necessary, according to the recommended ranges for your specific system (0.5-1ppm for aquaponics, 2-3ppm for hydroponics).
  6. Monitor and test regularly to maintain optimal iron levels for healthy plant growth.