Kazoo 7 Level Playground


Kazoo 7 Level Playground

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You know the expression “top dog.” Well in this household that’s me. And I’ve got the playground to prove it. Other cats might have 5 or 6 level playgrounds,  but not me. I went the full deluxe 7 leveller.

So, what’s it got? Well, the works basically.

A plush sleeping den, two other super-comfy beds, sisal scratch posts galore, a hanging woven rope, and my own purrticular furvourite, a play mouse on stretch rope. Plus (or should that be plush) seven different levels to climb, jump and explore. The pussibilities are endless.


  • Plush sleeping den
  • Play mouse on stretch rope
  • 2 x snuggly plush beds
  • Hanging woven rope for curious claws
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play 



Width: 60cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 185cm

  • Furniture grade plush fabric - charcoal
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal - grey or cream