Kirby Pet Treats Lamb Ear


Kirby Pet Treats Lamb Ear

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  • These tasty, real lamb ears will have your dog drooling in anticipation of their scrumptious long-lasting morsel!
  • Simply created using 100% Australian lamb ears which are gently air-dried for a natural, protein-packed treat
  • The gentle air-drying process locks in the nutrition for an extremely healthy treat for your pooch
  • Grain-free – great for sensitive canines with allergies
  • High in protein to support healthy muscles, bone, skin and hair 
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Tough and durable for long-lasting enjoyment
  • The texture is a mixture of smooth and bumpy bits
  • Hard and crunchy for action-packed chewing entertainment
  • The fun shape of a real ear will satisfy your dog’s natural instincts  
  • Assists dental cleaning through the natural abrasive action of your dog’s teeth against the hard treat