MyBestFriend Acrylic Bird Pumice Stand


MyBestFriend Acrylic Bird Pumice Stand

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Introducing our Acrylic Pumice Bird Stand, the perfect perch for your feathered friend! Made from high-quality, durable acrylic material, this stand is designed to provide a safe and comfortable place for your bird to rest, play, and exercise. The clear, transparent acrylic material adds a modern and sleek look to your bird's habitat.

Multiple perches of varying sizes to accommodate birds of different sizes and species. The perches are textured with pumice stones to promote healthy nail and beak maintenance.

In addition to being functional, our Acrylic Bird Stand is also aesthetically pleasing and will complement any home decor style. It is easy to clean and maintain, and its lightweight and compact design make it easy to move around and store when not in use.

Overall, the Acrylic Bird Stand is a must-have accessory for any bird owner who wants to provide their feathered friend with a comfortable and safe place to perch, play, and relax.

Two different colors avaliable.