MyBestFriend Adjustable Ball Launcher


MyBestFriend Adjustable Ball Launcher

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Toss your dogs ball further than ever before with a MyBestFriend Adjustable Ball Launcher. the perfect way to tire out your dog during a game of fetch. Simply use the launcher to throw the included tennis ball across the park and retrieve it without the need to come into contact with slobber...perfect!


  • Throw the ball easily over 100 metres. Helps to launch your dogs ball further than you can physically throw it, helping to give your dog an excellent workout
  • Ball can be picked up without the need to touch it
  • Tennis ball included
  • Develops paw eye co-ordination
  • Helps prevent behavioural problems associated with boredom

Length: 31cm

Please note that no toy is indestructible. Supervision is recommended with any toy.