Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze 15ML

Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze 15ML

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This naturally formulated remedy for dogs and cats contains natural ingredients, including ginger, withania and chamomile, to help relieve motion sickness. This remedy is a fast-acting, alcohol-free holistic solution with 100% natural ingredients.

Motion sickness is an extremely common issues in companion animals and all too often cause stress and unpleasant car trips for the whole family. TravelEze is designed to settle nausea without causing drowsiness, so you can enjoy your pets company the whole day.

Key Features:

  • Natural remedy to help relieve motion sickness
  • Contains natural ingredients including ginger, withania and chamomile
  • Fast-acting, non-drowsy, all-natural formula
  • Alcohol free
  • Suitable for dogs and cats