Natural Animal Solutions Respraeze 100ml

Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions Respraeze 100ml

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Respiratory symptoms can occur in pets suffering from tracheobronchitis, kennel cough, cat flu, or chronic asthma. Air-borne pathogens can spread via parks, kennels, or from pet to pet and bring about uncomfortable coughs and infections.

RespraEze has been designed holistically to deliver support for the most common respiratory issues. With herbal extracts, high potency vitamin C, and a safe and gentle all-natural formula, this remedy can provide maximum effectiveness for your pet quickly.

Key Features:

  • Gentle, clinically-tested respiratory and immune support remedy
  • All-natural formula with herbal extract
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Suitable as some extra support for pets fighting kennel cough, chronic asthma, bronchitis, or cat flu
  • Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages