OSI Angelfish Flakes


OSI Angelfish Flakes

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OSI Angelfish Flakes have been formulated specifically for Angelfish. Angelfish are a type of cichlid, they tend to prefer more plant materials in their diet. OSI's Angelfish Flake is a balanced mix of plant and animal ingredients that mirrors the natural preferences of Angelfish in the wild. As with all OSI formulations, all necessary vitamins, colour-enhancing pigments and nutrients have been included to keep your Angelfish vibrant and healthy. 

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Crude Protein Min 45%
  • Crude Fat Min 5% 



  • Formulated specifically for Angelfish
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Contains natural pigments
  • Easy to digest
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C
  • Never clouds aquarium water
  • Contains spirulina
  • Made in USA


Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times daily an amount your fish will consume in 2-4 minutes. Do not overfeed.


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