Royal Canin CCN Relax Care Medium 3kg

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Royal Canin CCN Relax Care Medium 3kg

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Royal Canin Medium Relax Care Adult Dry Dog Food Contains Precise Ingredients To Help Calm Your Anxious Canine And Reduce Mental Stress In Unpredictable Environments
  • Complete and Balanced nutrition, specially formulated to help dogs feel relaxed in changing environments  
  • Ideal for adult and mature medium breed dogs, 11 - 25kg, over 12 months

Relax Care

  • The formula contains specific nutrients, known for their soothing effects, to help calm your dog in intense, shifting environments or in unfamiliar situations
  • Nervousness can occur in unpredictable circumstances; therefore, your dog must be fed the correct nutrition to support optimal brain function
  • Essential vitamins and minerals contribute to psychological stability in dogs – Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, zinc and manganese are critical in keeping your dog’s mentality in balance
  • Manganese is proven to help the brain fight against free radicals, improve brain function, promote a healthy nervous system, and is often used to treat specific nervous disorders
  • Fish oil with omega fatty acids has also shown to reduce adrenaline and anxiety in dogs

Joint Health

  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin which have shown to promote joint health and mobility

Muscle Health

  • Contains an optimal protein content to support lean muscle maintenance

Dental Health

  • The kibble shape helps to clean your dog’s teeth through the natural abrasive action of your dog’s teeth against the kibble as they chew

Digestive Health

  • Contains vegetable fibres and beet pulp which are shown to assist digestion

Overall Health and Wellbeing

  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin D3, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, and antioxidants for overall health and vitality 

High Palatability

  • Delicious taste appeals to fussy dogs
  • Kibble size is suited for medium canines and encourages chewing