Royal Canin FHN Mother & Babycat

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Royal Canin FHN Mother & Babycat

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Royal Canin Babycat is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs pregnant and lactating queens and their kittens.

This premium dry kitten food is has been formulated for the specific needs of pregnant and lactating queens as well as her kittens. This highly digestible diet includes DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid which is excellent for brain and eye development in growing kittens. A patented blend of antioxidants is added to help promote kittens natural immune defence. 

 Key benefits: 

  • Highly palatable and nutritionally balanced diet for mother and kittens
  • Softer kibbles for little mouths, which are easy to chew 
  • Can be rehydrated to help transition from milk to solids 
  • Highly digestible protein and added probiotics for a healthy gut 
  • Includes antioxidants to support the immune system


Mother and Babycat is recommended for gestating and lactating queens and kittens from 1 - 4 months.