Sicce Akuaclean Zeolite and Filter Resin


Sicce Akuaclean Zeolite and Filter Resin

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Akuaclean acts as a high surface area molecular sieve that effectively binds ammonia and other nitrogenous pollutants that can affect fish health and water quality. In reef tanks, Akuaclean benefits corals by keeping nutrient concentrations low. In addition, Akuaclean does not affect pH and lengthens the time between water changes.

The decomposition of organic byproducts from aquarium biological activity can produce a number of compounds that disrupt the balance of the aquarium. In natural bodies of water, these substances are easily rendered harmless by the sheer volume of the water. Aquariums tend to have a higher biological load than found in nature so removing these harmful products becomes more critical for the health of the aquarium and it inhabitants.

The effectiveness of Akuaclean Combination Resin w/ Zeolite depends on the amount of organic material present, aquarium load, and water conditions. Always perform regular water tests to make accurate assessments of your tank's health.

Akuaclean is suitable for all aquarium types: freshwater; saltwater and reef.