Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (M) 19x16.6x9.3cm

Pet One

Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (M) 19x16.6x9.3cm

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  • Pet One Small Animal Igloo Hide 30cm Large - Blue. Surprise your pet with this unique accessory and beautify their cages!

  • Made of plastic and coated in a bright colour that will surely attract your pet. Features a base-free design for easy access to your pet if required. Dimensions: 30x26.5x14cm

  • Provides comfort and security to your pet, helping reduce their stress level. Encourages natural behaviours like nesting and burrowing

  • Easy to clean and convenient for owners. Makes a nice addition to any pet enclosure. Suitable for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets

  • Watch your small pets have fun resting and playing in this igloo hide!

For: Pet One
Style: Pet Housing Accessory
Size: Blue
Top material :Plastic

  • 1x Pet One Igloo Hide
  • Igloo Hide
  • Suitable For Small Animals Like Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Ferret
  • Made of Plastic
  • Base-Free Design
  • Encourages Natural Behaviours
  • Easy to Clean
  • Reduces the Animal's Stress Level
  • Provides Comfort and Security
  • Dimensions: 30x26.5x14cm