Spot Gotta Go Door Bell Trainer


Spot Gotta Go Door Bell Trainer

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Gotta Go door bell trainer is a fun training method for dogs. Simply hang Gotta Go over a door knob and use this tool to train dogs to ring a bell when they "gotta go" outside. Gotta Go teaches dogs a pleasant alternative to door scratching or barking when they want to let you know that they "gotta go".


Dog Training Instructions:

1. Hang Gotta Go on the doorknob of the door that leads outside. Hold the dog's paw and teach the dog to ring the bells.

2. When the bells ring, praise the dog, open the door, and tell the dog to go outside.

3. When the dog relieves himself, open the door and praise the dog again. Give the dog a treat outside. Repeat steps 1-3 several times a day.