Trouble & Trix No More Stains/Odour Spray

Trouble and Trix

Trouble & Trix No More Stains/Odour Spray

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Cat poop, pee, and barf do not stand a chance against this Trouble and Trix No More Stain/Odour. This pro strength formula stays on top of all your feline friend’s shenanigans. With this around, you’re house will be smelling squeaky clean and looking sparkly because this is a great dirt and smell busting product that works like a charm.

Key Benefits:

  • Destroys nasty cat odours upon contact
  • Takes away cat pheromones so your cat will not keep on urinating and defecating on the same spot
  • A fast-drying formula that works instantly
  • Can tackle even old and deep stains that other brand can’t eradicate
  • Offers fast and easy clean-up that won’t give you a headache