VIV Glass Pipe Mini in


VIV Glass Pipe Mini in

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VIV produce a wide range of glass accessories for the aquarium, made from high quality, laboratory grade glass, with gives maximum strength, durability and visual clarity. The hand crafted glassware is designed to achieve the perfect blend of art and function that are highly transparent and almost invisible in the water. Ideal for giving a professional look to any planted aquarium. The VIV Mini series is designed specifically for small-size aquarium tanks with a glass thickness of 5mm or less. They are very compact and donメt need suction cups. It makes a suitable water current for growing water plants without disturbing the aquascape. The In-flow Mini pipe is designed for aquariums with a height of 22 to 30cm and has a 13mm diameter and is designed to be used as the water uptake from the tank to a canister.