Zeez - Waterproof Dog Boot Black


Zeez - Waterproof Dog Boot Black

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Zeez Waterproof Boots Black For Dogs Are Fantastic For Protecting Your Dogs Paws Against The Elements

These neoprene boots have multiple uses, from keeping your dog’s paws dry, to keeping them protected from hot surfaces!

Dog boots are extremely useful in a range of situations such as:

  • Keeps paws warm during the cold winter months
  • Minimises the heat transferred from the hot concrete to your dog’s paws while walking during summer
  • Protects paws from icy surfaces in cold climates
  • Non-slip base provides fantastic grip when walking on slippery surfaces such as tiles, timber floors and other slippery surfaces
  • Keeps paws clean and dry if your dog has suffered an injury and needs to avoid dirt due to risk of infection
  • Can be used to prevent your dog from scratching themselves due to allergies or irritated skin
  • Helps to stop your dog from licking or chewing at an injured, itchy, or sore paw
  • Protects paws from nasty biting insects
  • Can be used to cover your dog’s claws to prevent them from scratching you, visitors, or the furniture
  • Great for putting on your dog if you have just cleaned the floor and do not want paw prints everywhere
  • Can be used post-surgery to stop your dog from scratching at the injured site

Fantastic, highly functional features:

  • Anti-slip base improves your dog's traction on slippery surfaces
  • Waterproof neoprene material for wet weather conditions or walking on wet surfaces
  • Flexible and lightweight design allows your dog to jump, run, hike, and play without restriction
  • Reflective strips for enhanced visibility in low light conditions
  • Soft material to keep your pooch comfortable and happy
  • Breathable for optimal ventilation
  • Velcro straps for a secure fit
  • Very stylish to keep your pal looking their very best
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • The pack includes 4 boots - one for each paw!
  • There are 5 sizes to choose from
  • The small and medium sizes have 1 adjustable strap, and the large, XL, XXL have 2 adjustable straps

Size Guide

  • Measure around the widest part of your dog’s paw and their leg circumference
  • To measure the leg circumference on the front legs, measure near the wrist. On the back legs, measure just below the hock
  • How to measure the paw: Get your dog to stand on a piece of paper and mark the outline of the paw
  • All 4 paws should be measured and the largest measurement used for your selection 
  • The width of the paw should be slightly smaller than the width of the boot to give them room to move and spread their toes
  • If in-between sizes, choose the larger size