Zippy Paws Hot Sauce Crusherz Crunch & Squeak Dog Toy - Red Rooster

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Zippy Paws Hot Sauce Crusherz Crunch & Squeak Dog Toy - Red Rooster

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Give your dog’s playtime a kick with the ZippyPaws Hot Sauce Crusherz Red Rooster Squeaky Plastic Bottle Dog Toy!

Stuffed with a plastic bottle instead of fluffy soft filling, the ZippyPaws Hot Sauce Crusherz Red Rooster is a fun and safe way for your dog to crunch and chew on a plastic bottle! The Red Rooster Chili Sauce bottle is inspired by the classic Sriracha Chili-Garlic Sauce, and this Crusherz chew toy for dogs features a soft, plush chili sauce bottle that covers the plastic bottle inside.

With an upgraded hook and loop closure (formerly Velcro), this dog toy helps secure the plastic bottle inside to prevent your dog from pulling it out and chewing on it. The plush cover allows for safe play! A free water bottle replacement is included with your Crusherz toy for your convenience.

For added entertainment, a squeaky water bottle cap tops the water bottle inside the plush cover! The cap is completely reusable and fits standard-sized water bottles (e.g., Arrowhead, Aquafina, Nestlé) for never-ending entertainment.


  • Unique and innovative toy that allows your dog to enjoy chewing on plastic bottles safely
  • 100% stuffing-free - empty plastic bottle hidden inside the plush hot sauce bottle cover
  • Creates addicting crunchy noises and features various textures your dog won’t get enough of!
  • Secure hoop & loop closure to prevent your dog from removing the plastic bottle
  • Comes with a reusable squeaky cap to enhance your dog’s entertainment
  • Replaceable water bottle for never-ending fun for your dog - FREE plastic bottle replacement included!
  • An eco-friendly dog toy that your pet can enjoy for many entertaining days to come
  • Ideal for all dogs to use